“Real Life” – Five Tools Every HVAC Technician Needs

At ATI, Las Vegas, we’re all about setting our students up for real life: real life studies, real life certifications, real life careers. That is why we are so proud of the curriculum we create for each of our programs. Every one of them prepares students for the “real life” qualifying certifications needed to enter the field. Hence, the first two words in the title of this series: “Real Life” (beginning with “Real Life” – Job Tasks of an Electrician posted earlier this month).

So, we also take pride in providing current students, prospective students, and any other curious passersby with relevant, supplemental information that can accompany and enhance our engaging programs, one of which is our HVAC/R Training Program.

And what better knowledge to gain than that of the tools necessary for the trade!

There are many tools designed and engineered for HVAC technicians, many of which you will acquire over your studies and your career. Yet, take a look at that tools that one experienced HVAC technician claims everyone in the field should have in their toolbox:


If you can’t catch the video, those tools are:

1)   Screwdriver

Preferably one with the ability to hold a wide variety of bits.

2)   Multimeter

With a variety of settings to test for voltage, continuity, and temperature, amps and diodes.

3)   Wire Cutter/Crimping Tool

If the list must be narrowed down to just 5 tools, then it helps to combine 2-in-1 with this tool.

4)   A “Good” Adjustable Wrench

Preferably thin with the ability to adjust wide (to remove power-heads off of THVs).

5)   Pen and Paper… or a Napkin

For writing down supplies, numbers, notes and figures when you’re out on the job.

At the end of the clip, the host does acknowledge the fact that there are at least 50 tools necessary to complete the wide variety of tasks you may find yourself doing as a HVAC technician. It is tough narrowing it down to just five! Plus, you may find there are many, varying opinions. Let us know what you think in the comments below or join the conversation by following us on Facebook!

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