Would I Enjoy A Career As A Personal Trainer?

In a study by the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business cited in The Huffington Post, researchers discovered how critical it is for us to enjoy what we do, whether it is work, exercise, or even eating. For example, you are more likely to stick to a diet if you actually want to eat the healthy food you are trying to commit to. That is why we decided to continue the theme in this post and pose the question, “Would I enjoy a career as a personal trainer?”


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Do you want a career that allows you to truly help people?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 36% of adults in the United States are obese. That statistic does not include the increase in child and adolescent obesity today. There are many health risks connected to obesity, but those who seek a personal trainer not only want help losing weight and improving their athletic performance. They also want help obtaining the confidence and motivation to successfully integrate exercise into their daily routine. Our Personal Fitness Trainer Program will prepare you to help people meet their health and fitness goals. It will also equip you with the skills necessary to help people truly change their lives.


Do you want a career with growing opportunities?

With the rise of obesity in the United States, the weight loss and fitness industry has experienced an incredible boom. Powered by a growing interest in leading healthier lives, the personal training industry is projected to continue growing as well. Technically skilled and caring personal trainers will therefore continue to be in high demand.


Do you have your own health and fitness goals you wish to make your career?

With a career in personal training, you not only get to focus on helping people reach their own health and fitness goals, but you also get to prioritize your own as well. Now, working out or going to the gym isn’t just something you save for after work hours or what you cram into your already busy schedule; it is what you go to work to do. People look up to those that lead by example and as a personal trainer who has their own health journey to share, you can create your own opportunity to relate to and inspire others to reach their own goals.


If you think you’d experience enjoyment in any one of the prompts above, then consider a career in Personal Training. Here at ATI in Las Vegas, we’ve got the experts and experience to prepare you for a successful career as a personal trainer. Plus, we understand the importance of making it a career you truly enjoy.


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