Would I Enjoy A Career As An Automotive Technician?

Would I Enjoy A Career As An Automotive Technician?

Have you ever wondered, “Would I enjoy a career as an automotive technician?” If so, then this week’s blog article is for you! Here are some questions that you can ask yourself that will hopefully help you determine if a career as an automotive technician is a good fit for you! Enjoy!


Do you enjoy variety in your daily responsibilities?

The day in the life of an automotive mechanic is always changing. One day you might be repairing a car’s brakes, and the next day you could be changing a car’s oil. No two days are the same when you are an automotive mechanic. This is quite different from many other jobs that require the same monotonous tasks to be completed over and over again. Some people thrive in jobs where they know exactly what they will be doing each day. But for a lot of people, that kind of predictability is mind numbing. So if you are someone that likes to tackle new challenges each day, consider a career as an automotive technician!


Do you enjoy cars?

This one is pretty straight forward: If you love cars, you should consider a career where you get to work on them every day! Can you imagine becoming a zookeeper if you didn’t like animals? What about becoming a kindergarten teacher if you didn’t like kids? That would just be silly! Why not get paid to spend your days working with what you love? Studies show that people are much happier in careers that they genuinely enjoy. So if you love cars, maybe become an automotive technician!


Do you like working with your hands?

When something around your household breaks, are you the first one to try to fix it? When you were in high school did you excel in classes that required you to use your hands? Perhaps auto tech or wood shop? If so, then you probably like working with your hands and would likely also enjoy a career as an automotive technician. Automotive technicians constantly use their hands on the job. They need to get under the hood of a vehicle and dig around to identify the problem. And then they have to use the right tools to fix it. A career as an automotive technician is a great fit for people who enjoy working with their hands.


Do you want to option to one day be self-employed?

One great thing about a career as an automotive technician is that it offers the opportunity to potentially one day work for yourself. Working for yourself isn’t likely something that can be done right off the bat. Becoming a good automotive mechanic requires training and experience. But with a formal education and some quality experience in the field, there is the possibility to one day be self-employed. If you would like to one day be able to work for yourself, consider becoming an automotive technician!


Do you want to get out in the workforce quickly?

Unlike many careers that require years and years of training prior to entering the workforce, becoming an automotive technician can be achieved relatively quickly. Automotive technician programs at trade schools such as ATI here in Las Vegas are designed to get students out in the workforce quickly so they can start earning money. Our Automotive Technician program can be completed in as little as 14 months, which means you could start working in the field in less than a year and a half! So if you love cars and are eager to start a rewarding new career without spending tons of time in school, then you really, REALLY should think about becoming an automotive technician by enrolling at ATI!


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