ATI, Air Conditioning Technical Institute was established in October 2002 and transitioned into the Advanced Training Institute in February 2007 located in Las Vegas, Nevada. In September, 2012, ATI moved into a new modern facility. In December 2012, ATI introduced the Automotive Technology program. Realizing increased construction and market demand, in 2013, ATI began an Electrician program. ATI proudly offers day and evening courses, for all walks of life, or people that are presently employed. For anyone that has the desire to find an opportunity to start a new and fascinating career!
Provide our students with a quality education and training that can afford ATI students the opportunity to obtain employment in their programs of study upon graduation. Our commitment to this mission is reflected in our core values of Educational Excellence, Student Satisfaction, and Continuous Improvement of our institution. ATI focuses on providing career-training opportunities in a relatively short period of time that prepares students for entry-level positions in their field of study. Our goal is to assist every student to achieve their educational and professional goals and to promote an environment for employees and students that fosters helping your family, your future and earning a better living! Our students come first!
Specialized and intensive hands-on programs designed to train our students to be able to function as professionals upon graduation. Many ATI programs offer students the opportunity to test for industry certifications. These industry certifications can help graduates achieve a higher level of recognition within their fields of study and can assist with the successful launch of their new careers. Here at ATI we are approved for Veteran’s Training as well as financial aid for those who qualify.
Providing prosperous new careers and provides healthcare and technical training to motivated people just like YOU. Our school has been assisting people just like you to begin the path to a new career since 2002. ATI is accredited by ACCSC and we are monitored on the success of our students in both graduation and career placement rates, Therefore, ATI assists its graduates with career placement and that means that going to ATI can help you, your family and the one’s you love have a better life and you can enjoy a successful new career. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE WITH ATI!

Becoming a Certified Electrician

Certified Electrician Training From ATI Electricity is often taken for granted.  People are so used to having power wherever they are on the grid.  Without the electricians that make the flow of electricity possible, many citizens would be quite literally…

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HVAC Jobs for Certified Technicians

What’s in Store for HVAC Jobs? Heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration mechanics and installers are often called HVAC technicians, which work on systems that control the temperature and air quality in buildings. Installers must use blue prints or design specifications…

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